Old and new rice in Ubud

29 August, 2011

Rice fields on 10 July

One of the frog chorus

My two months in Ubud on Bali are up. It’s been a lovely stay complete with sojourns to the Banda Islands, Sulawesi and Oregon (!). My little flat is set back on the edge of rice fields and the often cacophonous peak-tourist-season roar of motorbikes and tour busses is but an occasional distant rumble. Instead I’ve enjoyed the nightly symphony of frogs, who range from soprano to alto and are myriad in diversity. Just when you have the rhythm and notes down, a new member joins the chorus with a completely different yet somehow entirely complementary song. Towards morning roosters add accents and by the time dawn breaks behind the palm trees, the frogs have been replaced by birds, hundreds of singing, chirping, warbling birds. From my bedroom, I’ve watched the rice fields, which are different every day. When I arrived in early July, the remains of the old crop were brown in the fields after harvest. Now a new crop in all its iridescent greenness is nearing its peak. This metaphor of old and new is too obvious for the work I’ve been doing updating Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia on a Shoestring, but I have found much new to recommend for another season of travelers. And I am already anticipating my next Ubud visit, probably early next year.

The rice fields on 29 Aug


5 Responses to “Old and new rice in Ubud”

  1. Ill be in Bali next month! I would have looked you up!!! Next time.

    • ryanverberkmoes Says:

      Hi John:

      I’m back in Bali from February. If you’re around, please look me up then.

      Thanks for reading,

      • Thanks Ryan.

        Will probably be back later in year..mum is retiring to Bali! Will be sure to look you up whenever we touchdown… Look me up whenever you are in NYC.

        Btw, we just got the latest LP Bali and Lombok- It looks great!

  2. Claudia Says:

    Hi Ryan, shame it’s over for this year. Enjoyed every morsel of your Indo reports! Claudia

  3. Theodora Says:

    Gah! Missing Ubud. Glad you get to go back so soon…

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